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Modern British Films: Print and Online

For the purpose of this listing modern is defined as films made since since 1980. This listing is exclusively focused on film and, thus, resources about British television are not included unless they also include information about film.


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Magazines and Journals

  1. Variety.
  2. Sight and Sound.
  3. Literature/Film Quarterly.

Notable Films

  1. Billy Elliot
  2. Brassed Off
  3. Chariots of Fire
  4. The Crying Game
  5. East is East
  6. The Full Monty
  7. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  8. Riff Raff
  9. Trainspotting
  10. Wallace & Gromit series

Official Sites

  1. The British Academy of Film and Television Awards This site includes information about the BAFTA awards and nominated films and television shows.
  2. British Board of Film Classification
  3. British Film Council The BFI website includes films in production and film catalog.
  4. British Film Institute This website includes facts, links, book list.
  5. United Kingdom Film Council This website includes tatistics, documents about British films, definition of British films, and links.

Additional British Film Sites

  1. BBC Films BBC Films includes current films, interviews, reviews, galleries.
  2. Empire Online The official website for a popular British film magazine includes some free content.
  3. Channel Four Film Search This website includes a searchable database of filmographies, interviews, features, and short films.