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About this Website

Why Literary Spring?

As a library and information science professional, I decided to include both pathfinders and design resources. I wanted a domain name that fit the expanded content of the website and was likely to fit future expansions, but did not sound overly commercial.

Quality Control and Accessibility

This website has been checked in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It also passes the WCAG- Priority 1, 2, and 3 check and the "Alternate Text Quality Report". The site has also been tested using Colorblind Filter and while it may not be as attractive with certain forms of colorblindness it should still be readable.


I am a strong believer in the ability of people to view material on the internet without having personally identifying information collected. I do collect non-personal mass statistical information including information about browsers, screen size, etc for design decisions (ie what percentage of people use a specific browser, etc).


The textures and patterns were created using Photoshop. Many of the pathfinders are edits of pathfinders I originally created for graduate school, friends and family. Any additional credits will be noted on a specific page of this website or added in future updates to this page. I have tried to ensure that the material on this site respects other people's copyright and terms of use. However, if you think that material on this website violates your copyright please contact me using the contact link on the sidebar. Please include any links or references if available showing your ownership of the material.

About the Designer

I have a Master's degree in library and information science.


While I have tried to check the material on this site for compatibility (and have made note of incompatibilities when I am aware of them) I am not responsible for technical problems resulting or possibility resulting from the use of materials from this website nor am I responsible for the content you create using materials from this website. The opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Dreamhost nor on any of my current or previous employers.